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Thailand Geography

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

You might have heard about Thailand. You may have heard something good or bad about it. Well, that is common to most of the countries, isn’t it? Despite the political turmoil in it, Thailand is still an interesting country. Let’s start with the geography of the country. The country is located in Southeast Asia. It is considered a Buddhist country since 80-90 per cent of the populations are Buddhists. The country used to be known as Siam for centuries.

The size of the country is similar to the size of France or may be the size of Texas in the States. It covers the area of 510,000 square kilometers. The population is around 65 million people. The country has the population of around 65 million people. It has shared borders with Myanmar in the west and north, with Laos in the northeast, with Cambodia in the east and with Malaysia in the south.

Thailand has a shape of an old styled axe. It is divided into seven regions including the North, Northeast, Central Plains, East, West, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Each of which has its own distinctive geographical character. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. It is more or less located at the center of the country. The city is known by many perspectives ranging from its rich culture with beautiful temples to being a place of notorious night spot like Patpong.

The northern part of Thailand has of a lot of mountains. It is the largest area of the country. Here, you can see elephants work in the forest. The major cities that people visit in the north include Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The second largest area is northeast. The area is largely bordered by the Mekong River. It has the world’s oldest Bronze Age civilization which flourished some 5,000 years ago.

As for the south of the northeast lies the eastern region. It has the border to the sea. This is where pristine beaches support the growth of summer resorts such as Pattaya. The west of Thailand consists of many beautiful mountains. They rise up towards the Burmese border. The resources here are in lush valleys and some remain relatively unspoiled. The towns here have a frontier atmosphere. The last part of the country located down south. Here, you can see scenic beauty which complements the economically vital activities of tin mining, rubber cultivation, and fishing.