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The Future of Print Media Advertising

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

As the internet has come into its own print media advertising seems to be going steadily downhill. The big Sunday newspapers that used to be chock full of ads and pull ads are getting thinner and thinner. Many smaller newspapers have been shut down and others no longer do their own printing, but have it done by other, larger newspapers that are barely surviving themselves. What is the key to success in an internet world for print media advertising? One solution may be what IDG, the technology publishing giant decided to do. Instead of just selling ads for properties it owned, they decided to capitalize on the media’s different niches and the trend toward online advertising and started selling ads for other new media properties. IDG also does a good job helping IDG web sites to grow audiences by taking content and syndicating it throughout the Web to properties not owned by IDG.

This strategy has worked well for a print media advertising company. Peter Longo, the IDG Syndication and Networks CEO, says that currently the company is serving a combined total of 75 million unique readers per month, ads that cover more than 200 web sites. That is up from the 20 million readers served just eighteen months ago when the group was started. The web sites IDG currently work with include Xconomy.com, GigaOm, and Slashgear. There are plans to grow service to 300 websites. That equals almost 750 million ad impressions per month. The most interesting part is that revenue is expected to grow 100 per cent this year. There have also been twenty syndication partners that are on board as well. This has been a successful strategy for the company. The big plus is you don’t have to own all the content you are putting out there. This may be a strategy for others who are trying to expand out of print media advertising on a local or regional level. Probably the hardest thing to do will be to embrace this new thinking and get everyone in the company on the same page.